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Holt McCallany Biography

Holt McCallany is one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. He recently completed filming on SULLY with Tom Hanks directed by Clint Eastwood, and Jack Reacher 2 with Tom Cruise for director Ed Zwick. Next up he’ll be president of the jury at the International Film festival in Brussels Belgium. He was seen this year in Michael Mann’s BLACKHAT, and RUN ALL NIGHT with Liam Neeson, as well as David Rosenthal’s smash hit THE PERFECT GUY.  Next year he’ll appear in SHOT CALLER for director Ric Roman Waugh, and Paramount Pictures tentpole franchise MONSTER TRUCKS, among others.

Other notable film appearances include FIGHT CLUB, THREE KINGS, MEN OF HONOR, THE LOSERS, BELOW, and many others.  Holt won rave reviews for his portrayal of a boxer with pugilistic dementia in the FX series LIGHTS OUT.

Holt was born in New York City into a theatrical family. His mother was a legendary cabaret singer who began her career as Miss Nebraska, and his father was a Tony award-winning actor-producer.

He began school in Dublin, Ireland at the age of five, but returned to the United States after his parents divorce. When he was fourteen he ran away from home and took a Greyhound bus to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, but his parents tracked him down and sent him back to Ireland to the boarding school his father had attended forty years earlier, Newbridge College, County Kildare.

Holt soon left Ireland and eventually graduated from Creighton Preparatory school, then went to France to continue his education. There he learned French at the Sorbonne, studied art history at the Paris American Academy, and theater at L’Ecole Marceau and L’Ecole Jacques Le Coq. Holt spent a summer studying Shakespeare in Oxford, and went with a production of Twelfth Night to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland before moving to New York City to begin his professional acting career.


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